Meet Keeper Jenna, the species coordinator for Ring-tailed Lemurs!

Saving wildlife from extinction is a big job –  that’s why we collaborate with our zoo colleagues around the nation and beyond!

To celebrate World Lemur Day, let us introduce you to Perth Zoo keeper Jenna Hollamby. 

Not only does she lead our team of awesome Aussie animal keepers, but she is also the species coordinator for all the Ring-tail Lemurs living in Australia and New Zealand. 

That means, she plays a big role in the movements and match-making of nearly 200 Ring-tailed lemurs! 

Perth Zoo is home to two species of this precious primate: Ring-tailed Lemurs and Black and White Ruffed Lemurs. 

Today on World Lemur Day, conservationists across the globe have joined forces to raise awareness for these special animals. 

All species of Lemur are endemic to Madagascar, but populations are facing trouble due to the illegal pet trade, habitat loss and individuals being hunted for bushmeat. 

That’s why we work with the Madagascan Fauna and Flora Group, and directly support their on-ground conservation efforts.  

Funds provided to this project help purchase native lemur habitat and train rangers to protect the land against poachers, while protecting the country’s struggling biodiversity.  

You can stand with us and support lemurs here.