Look who's on the lake!

Five Black-and-white Ruffed Lemurs have swung into a new habitat at Perth Zoo today! 

Previously living in a behind-the-scenes habitat, this move puts these playful primates front and centre, where visitors will be delighted by their active antics upon entry to the Zoo. 

Thanks to positive reinforcement training,  our primate experts were able to successfully encourage the animals into individual pet packs with no stress, before transporting them through the Zoo to be carried across the lake one-by-one. 


Once safely across the lake, the lemurs were quick to explore their new habitat and forage for all the tasty fruits and vegetables scattered throughout. 

These boys are one of two troops of Black and White Ruffed Lemurs at Perth Zoo. Both groups act as important ambassador animals for their cousins in the wild, where they inspire our visitors to care about the plight of the species. 

Endemic to Madagascar, populations of lemurs in the wild are facing habitat loss, poaching for the illegal pet trade and being taken for bush meat. 

Only around 10 percent of Madagascar’s rainforest still exists, making the fight to survive very tough.  Perth Zoo supports the Madagascan Fauna and Flora Group – an on-ground organisation which works to save lemur habitat, train rangers to protect the land and bolster the country’s struggling biodiversity.