We're gibbon it up for our newest gibbon!

To celebrate International Gibbon Day, let us introduce you to our newest White-cheeked Gibbon, Kayak!

As part of our leading role in the regional program for the critically endangered White-cheeked Gibbon, Kayak arrived back at Perth Zoo to be introduced to our mother-daughter duo Jermei and Lulani.

The trio were given time to get to know each other behind the scenes, and there were some absolutely beautiful duets to be heard through the Zoo as they bonded.

But now, they’ve swung into the Zoo to make their public debut!


Perth Zoo primate keeper Nene Haggar said Kayak has proven to be a big gibbon with an even bigger heart to match.

“We are so happy to welcome him back to Perth Zoo, he really is the sweetest boy,” Nene said.

“He’s very clever and eager to spend time with keepers during training sessions, particularly if there’s cooked sweet potato and corn involved.

“It’s been incredible to develop a rapport with him behind the scenes, and now we get to watch him continue to develop a relationship with the two females, Jermei and Lulani.

“He absolutely loves the sunshine, so I’m sure visitors will soon spot him relaxing back with a bit of sunbathing.”

Some visitors may remember that Kayak had previously lived with us before moving over east.

He’s now back in the West to be matched with Jermei, in the hopes this pair will become loved-up enough to breed.


But not only does Kayak’s arrival mean the potential for baby gibbons, but adding him to the group will provide plenty of learning and enrichment for young Lulani.

He is able to provide her with a ‘father figure’ and she can learn all about proper gibbon romance etiquette as she watches Kayak and Jermei start to bond.

Stay tuned for more gibbon updates!