World-renowned and beloved ethologist Dr. Jane Goodall spread inspiration for a brighter future for the planet during a recent visit to Perth Zoo.

Visiting as part of her Reasons for Hope Australian tour, Dr. Goodall stopped in at Perth Zoo to meet some budding local conservationists,  the WA chapter of her Roots and Shoots program.

Then, she had a private tour to meet the Zoo’s iconic and unique wildlife, including West Australians natives like the Numbat and Western Swamp Tortoise.  

Students from all over Perth were able to present their sustainability initiatives to Dr. Goodall, showcasing their dedication to the Roots and Shoots program and how they are actively making a positive impact on the local environment.              

Conservation education is at the heart of Perth Zoo and we’ve long been a supporter of Roots and Shoots and thrilled to connect these students to such an inspirational leader in the field.

We asked a bunch of students what they learned after they met their hero! Watch below. 

Starstruck zookeepers also had the privilege of introducing Dr. Goodall to some of the Zoo’s iconic animals including the native Numbat and Western Swamp Tortoises, as well as our Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroos and Sumatran Orangutans.

Dr. Goodall’s visit acts as a powerful reminder of the impact one person can make. As a conservation agency, Perth Zoo is privileged to be the WA community’s window into the natural world and educating the next generation.