Meet wildlife lover and now Perth Zoo donor, Ebony!

We are always blown away by the passion and generosity of our wildlife-loving community, and this story is certainly no exception.
As part of a Perth Zoo fundraising campaign, we received a special $1000 donation from 12-year-old Ebony Stevenson.
Ebony has always been passionate about animal conservation and is a regular visitor to the Zoo, but it was a particularly special place for her to visit in recent years.
After suffering a spinal injury when she was eight, Ebony used the Zoo as an outlet to help her through a tough time as she relearned to walk.
To distract herself from the hardship, she chaneled her positive energy into baking and selling healthy dog treats to fundraise for the Zoo.


After a couple years of hard work, she reached her goal of $1000 and stopped by the Zoo this month to personally present her donation to our zoo keepers.
How special is that? Nothing makes our hearts sing more than young conservationists eager to make a difference!
Our keepers were incredibly impressed with her efforts and fiery passion to make a difference and introduced her to some of our scaly reptile friends.
This generous gift will go along way in helping save wildlife and care for the 1500 animals that call Perth Zoo home. 

Our sincere thanks to Ebony and all the wonderful community members who donate to Perth Zoo. 

By making a gift to Perth Zoo, you are supporting the work our veterinarians, zookeepers, scientists, and researchers do every day to help wildlife.

We are very proud of the level of care we provide them, but we constantly strive to do more and your support helps us.