Visitors to Perth Zoo recently got to enjoy a Net Fix marathon. No, not a Netflix movie marathon, but an extraordinary logistical operation to fix the netting that forms the roof of our beautiful Wetlands Aviary.

It had been noticed that some of the woven stainless steel netting needed stitching up. Sounds easy enough but just how do you do this when its 82 metres off the ground? The answer? A 250 tonne crane was deployed to reach the top of the Wetlands and then our team got to work stitching away. And guess what ladies, it was the men that did the sewing!!

Fixing the netting required weeks of planning. It involved external contractors, closing internal zoo roads, getting a second crane in to add sections to the big one so the jib was long enough to reach and also trying to plan this on a day that wasn’t windy so the crane and repairmen didn’t get buffeted around.

Of course it’s not every day you have a crane of this scale at the Zoo so we thought we’d chuck a camera up there to get a bird’s eye view…pardon the pun! Check it out, our resident bird life certainly get a spectacular view of our stunning city.