• First half of Perth Zoo’s expanded African Lion exhibit opens to the public

The first half of Perth Zoo’s new $3.3 million dollar African Lion exhibit was unveiled today as lions in the wild face unprecedented pressures.

The new African themed exhibit provides enhanced opportunities to view Perth Zoo’s lioness, ‘Shinyanga’, and learn about the threats facing these big cats.

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson visited the area today. Set in a thatched African themed hut with native African plantings, the new area incorporates large viewing windows and moulds of lion paw prints to provide an appreciation of the sheer size of the cats as well as information about research taking place to protect the species in the wild.

The second stage of the exhibit commences construction shortly and will be complete in mid-2018.

When fully complete, the African Lion exhibit will feature a breeding area with indoor dens and a separate outdoor area where a breeding lioness can have privacy with her cubs, yet still feel close to her pride.

It will have the capacity to hold a pride of eight lions.

Comments attributed to Minister Stephen Dawson:

“When fully complete, this extensive upgrade will more than double the size of the 30-year-old Perth Zoo lion exhibit.”

“It will provide the people of Western Australia with better opportunities to see and learn more about these majestic cats.”

“Importantly it will allow Perth Zoo to bring in a new pride of lions and play a bigger role in regional and global breeding programs in the future.”

“There are approximately 20,000 lions left in the wild. Devastatingly they’re extinct in 26 African countries, so zoos, like our local zoo have a major role in providing a safety-net against extinction for lions.

Thanks to this new exhibit, visitors to Perth Zoo can learn about lion conservation and discover how everyone can be a part of protecting these amazing animals."