Come visit us during NAIDOC week to see the new Aboriginal mural in Perth Zoo’s Australian Bushwalk and take a visual journey back to the Dreamtime.

Designed and painted by artist, Darry Bellotti, the mural depicts the Nyoongar story of creation.

“The primary focus for the story is the ‘Waugal’, more commonly known as the Rainbow Serpent, and how it created the waterways; the rivers, lakes, and the valleys,” Darryl said.

Proud of his Yamatji and Nyoongar ancestry, Darryl uses his creative talent to share traditional knowledge of indigenous cultures.

“Doing things like this helps create a better understanding about who I am as a person and my culture,” Darryl said.

“The one thing everyone is looking for is acceptance and I can’t expect people to accept me without understanding my background.”

While the mural is based on an ancient story, the design is unique with vibrant hues of orange and green used, complementing the main colours in the Perth Zoo logo.

Darryl worked with outdoor paints, the same type you would find at your local hardware store, to ensure the longevity of the mural on the textured surface of the rock wall.

Footprints representing some of the animals found near the river can also be spotted in the completed mural. Visit the Australian Bushwalk this NAIDOC week and see if you can match the prints to the native species you can see here at the Zoo.

During the final week of the school holidays visitors can also learn more about one of WA’s indigenous cultures by following the “Where’s Waitch?” trail to discover the Nyoongar names of some of our local animals, such as the Emu (Waitch)!