Lulani’s growing up!

We’re celebrating five laps around the sun for White-cheeked Gibbon, Lulani!
This cheeky primate may be small in size, but she packs a punch when it comes to personality.
To celebrate her special day, we asked her keepers to share their favourite things that make her unique.  
🌸 When feeling silly, she’ll do roley poleys in the crunchy leaves!
🌸 Tactile enrichment is her favourite.
🌸 She’s super curious and loves investigating and learning new training behaviours.
🌸 Her favourite spot is the limelight – any chance to show visitors and keepers her aerial skills!
🌸Relationships are important, she’ll often sit very still while mum Jermei grooms her, then she’ll return the favour.

Now that Lulani has turned five, she’s on her way to becoming a mature female gibbon.
That means her black fur will eventually turn golden!
Female White-cheeked Gibbons will change colour up to three times in their life. They’re born gold, turning black as a juvenile and then back to blonde when sexually mature.


Happy Birthday, Lulani!