It’s a good year for breeding the endangered Numbat.

Perth Zoo’s keepers have now confirmed 23 pouch young from six of our female numbats.

Last year five Perth Zoo born numbats were released to Dryandra and for the first time ever, 14 went to The Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Mt Gibson Sanctuary. In April it was announced that the feral free area has now had their first Numbat breeding, with 13 pouch young confirmed thanks to the Perth Zoo females!

Working with The Department of Parks and Wildlife we have successfully bred and released more than 220 numbats to protected wild habitats, since 1993.

Project Numbat, a community organisation, help fund radio collars that allow researchers to keep track of our released numbats.

With less than 1000 of these endangered mammals in the wild, they are twice as rare as Giant Pandas. Making the work done by Perth Zoo’s Native Species Breeding Program essential to saving the Numbat.

Pictured below, Perth Zoo Keeper, Vicki Power counted four joeys during a pouch check one on of our female Numbats.