Saving wildlife in action!

After a tricky start to life, five orphaned Tammar Wallaby joeys have found their forever home at Perth Zoo. 
The adorable joeys had been discovered on Garden Island earlier this year after sadly becoming orphaned. Without human help, it’s likely these native marsupials would not have survived. 
But thanks to the passion of wildlife advocates, the joeys have a healthy, happy life ahead!
The group were raised by wildlife carers, and once weaned, came to live at Perth Zoo in a behind-the-scenes ‘wallaby creche’.
Under the watchful eye of our dedicated zoo keepers, the group of wallabies have been growing up big and strong. In the early stages, the team were even monitoring them around the clock with a special ‘creche cam’ and it’s captured some adorable antics!
Perth Zoo Senior Keeper Steve Catwell said: “It’s been really rewarding for us to care for these orphaned joeys and watch them grow into healthy young wallabies. 
“Our cameras have allowed us to keep watch over night and monitor their behaviours, and some of the interactions between the group have been really interesting to see.
“They’ve still got a bit more growing to do, but in the coming months we expect to move them out into the Australian Bushwalk to live with our other wallabies and kangaroos.”

Wildlife saving work, just like this, happens everyday here at Perth Zoo! And this work starts with your support.
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