An otter pre-travel check-up!

Our group of 5 Asian Small-clawed otters had quick check-ups in the Vet Hospital in preparation for their big move interstate!

Each otter was examined from head to tail, with the vet team looking at joint mobility, eye health and ear health.

Blood samples were also drawn and radiographs were taken to ensure the little guys are in tip-top shape.
In good news, all five boys in the group looked otterly healthy!

With a clean bill of health, the boisterous bunch have now made the journey across to a new home at a wildlife park in South Australia.

These pre-travel health checks set the otters up for success in their new homes, as we can pass on all the findings to their new keepers to ensure they continue getting the very best care.

Perth Zoo Senior Keeper, Marty Boland, said: “It’s really important we do all we can to make animal moves like this as stress-free as possible.

“As zoo keepers, we work very hard to develop trusting relationships with the animals we care for, and thanks to this trust, the otters hopped into their little travel crates with ease. 

“We also made sure to give the boys plenty of snacks to keep them busy on the short trip South Australia, we’ve heard they’ve since arrived safely and are busy checking out their new digs!”

This animal move is the perfect example of how Perth Zoo and all the wonderful animals living here form part of bigger zoo community that collaborates to support wildlife.

That means animals often move to new zoos, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, under the direction of expert species coordinators.

Transfers, just like this otter move, enable the regional zoo community to continue kicking goals for endangered animals!

With the boys now in their new home, keepers will give the otter habitat a thorough scrub and clean to make way for our pair behind the scenes to move in in the coming weeks.