Amid construction, our botanical beauty continues to thrive in new temporary homes!

If you’ve visited recently, you have likely noticed the excitement in the middle of the Zoo as we begin building some amazing new facilities for you, a new Café and separate Function Centre. 

As a living, breathing site, when we build anything at the Zoo, we need to meticulously plan for the welfare of not just the animals, but also the flora.

With many trees and plants living in the middle of the works zone, our Horticulture teams have been busy transplanting these beauties into new temporary homes behind the scenes. 

Earlier this year, a mature Celtis australis tree weighing more than two tonnes was craned out of the construction zone and into a prime position at the Zoo’s Front Entrance. 

And now, a number of smaller species including flowering clivias, and the majestic  goldern canes palms and old world cycads have been carefully removed and placed into nurseries behind the scenes, ready for transplant when construction is complete. 

Senior Horticulturalist Kath Mauger said: “Perth Zoo is known for its rich and diverse botanical estate and we did not want to compromise any tree, big or small, for the construction. 

“Our teams have put a lot of hard work into removing trees and plants from the construction zone and set up a nursery or ‘tree waiting room’ behind the scenes.

“That way, these plants can continue to grow and thrive, and will be perfectly healthy when we’re ready to move them back into public areas of the Zoo in the future.”

Tree-mendous work hort team!

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