• Perth Zoo’s female giraffe calf has been named Zahara meaning blossom or blooming flower in Swahili
  • Name chosen from 14,000 entries submitted via a public competition

Perth Zoo’s female giraffe calf has been named Zahara which means blossom or blooming flower. 
The name is Swahili and was chosen from more than 14,000 entries submitted via a public naming competition.
When older, being a female, Zahara will play a vital role in the regional breeding program which aims to advocate and educate about declining wild giraffe populations.
Zahara was quickly followed by the birth of a male calf, born to first time mother, Ellie.
This is the first time Perth Zoo has had two giraffe calves at the same time.
The winner of the competition will get to meet the zookeepers and go behind the scenes to meet the female calf that they have helped name.
Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:
“Western Australians certainly stretched themselves and provided a name for the female giraffe calf that is head and shoulders above the rest.
“I am delighted to announce the name of Perth Zoo’s female giraffe calf is Zahara.
“The name was chosen from thousands of entries submitted via a competition which gave the community the opportunity to celebrate this birth and the important conservation role played by our local zoo.
“The birth of Zahara is the culmination of a lot of hard work and collaboration with other regional zoos and Perth Zoo has outdone themselves, welcoming not one but two giraffe calves into the world this year.”
Comments attributed to Environment Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson:
“Thank you to everyone who took part in the naming competition for Perth Zoo’s newest female giraffe.
“The response was overwhelming and shows just how special these majestic animals are.
“The Swahili name will help Zoo visitors gain a greater appreciation of the species’ origin and the calf’s importance as an ambassador for her wild cousins.
“I encourage everyone to come to Perth Zoo and help us celebrate this new arrival. It is a very special time at our State zoo.”