The first week of spring has kicked off with Perth Zoo’s animals enjoying a new supply of surprise enrichment items, thanks to a generous donation from a West Australian company.

Alliance Moulding provided a range of colourful plastic objects, in various shapes and sizes, which can be used as part of the Zoo’s regular enrichment program for all the animals.

Perth Zoo Primate Supervisor, Holly Thompson said: “This bounty of exciting new objects donated to the Zoo will help us continue to engage the animals’ natural curiosity. ”

“We constantly provide different opportunities for them, ensuring every day is different to keep the animals physically and mentally stimulated.”

Before the items were passed on to the animals, Perth Zoo Keepers made small adjustments to allow them to be installed into the different exhibits or used in various ways.

“Sometimes we will hide food or scents in the items to arouse the animals’ different senses,” Holly said.

Visitors can see Perth Zoo’s bull Asian Elephant, Putra Mas, lifting and moving a large box, exercising his incredible strength.

Female elephants, Tricia and Permai, also liked stretching their trunk to reach items placed up high, or diving into their pool to find items in their exhibit pool.

In the African Savannah, the group of curious Slender-tailed Meerkats, have been inspecting their much smaller, but equally engaging objects, with some using them to conduct sentry duty from.

Working as a group, the little meerkats touched and climbed all over the new items in their exhibit.

Among the Zoo’s orangutan colony, the younger residents were especially excited to explore their new hanging toys.

“Sumatran Orangutans are extremely intelligent and one of the largest arboreal species, spending the majority of their time in the tall tree canopies,” Holly said. “Enrichment devices encourage the use of our orangutans’ natural skills, such as problem solving with tools.”

Behind the scenes of the Zoo’s Asian Rainforest, a family group of Asian Small-clawed Otters also got their partially webbed paws on some of the new items. The off-display otters are still enjoying their regular enrichment as they prepare for the move to another zoo, while a new breeding pair have been making themselves at home in the exhibit.

Thanks to Alliance Moulding, visitors can see many of the animals enjoying their new items this spring.

See the video below!