Love animals? Love art? Then you’ll love Wild About Babies.

  • ‘Wild About Babies’ exhibit features 21 bronze sculptures of endangered animals.
  • The exhibition launches on National Threatened Species Day, 7 September, which commemorates the death of the last Tasmanian Tiger in 1936.
  • Most sculptures can be seen at Perth Zoo with others on display at Windsor Park in South Perth, and across the river at Elizabeth Quay and Yagan Square.

Perth Zoo is marking National Threatened Species Day with the installation of one of the world's largest public art projects.

Designed by internationally acclaimed artists Gillie and Marc, ‘Wild About Babies’ showcases 21 striking bronze sculptures representing threatened wildlife from around the globe.

Previously showcased at the WA Museum Boola Bardip and Perth Cultural Centre, the artists have generously donated these extraordinary sculptures to Perth Zoo.

While 14 of the sculptures are found at Perth Zoo, the community will be delighted to spot a further five in the City of South Perth's Windsor Park, one at Elizabeth Quay, and another at Yagan Square.

This collaboration with the surrounding community enhances the exhibition’s impact and serves as a stark reminder of the importance of protecting our precious wildlife.

The ‘Wild About Babies’ exhibition showcases an array of endangered baby animals, including the orangutan, giraffe, white rhino, and many other favorites.

These magnificent creatures are symbolically protected by their universal mother, the great eastern lowland gorilla, emphasizing the urgent need for conservation efforts.

They serve as a powerful complement to Perth Zoo’s live animal population, raising awareness about the threats faced by wildlife and highlighting the ongoing conservation efforts to prevent their extinction.

‘Wild About Babies’ acts as a beautiful and thought-provoking medium through which people can gain a deeper understanding of the critical importance of conservation, research, and support required to safeguard endangered species worldwide.

Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to share photos of themselves with the sculptures and to tag #PerthZoo. Find out more about the exhibition here.

Wild About Babies is a joint project between Perth Zoo, Western Australian Museum and Gillie and Marc, with support from City of South Perth, Yagan Square, Elizabeth Quay, DevelopmentWA and APM.

The Wild About Babies exhibition was donated to Perth Zoo through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Gillie and Marc Schattner.