In a world-first collaboration, Western Australia’s iconic zoo, Perth Zoo, will be showcased to an international audience thanks to a collaboration with Facebook Watch and digital publisher, ZooBorns.

The 12 part digital series, ‘ZooBorns Australia, Perth Zoo’ will showcase animal babies born at Perth Zoo, including never before seen footage and interviews from zoo keepers whose lives are dedicated to caring for them.

Danielle Henry, Perth Zoo’s Media and Communications Manager said: “For some years Perth Zoo had been submitting content to ZooBorns. They lead the market in baby animal cuteness and have quite a cult following.”

“Their collaboration with Facebook Watch, and subsequently an invitation to create a series entirely about Perth Zoo was not only an honour, but an opportunity too good to pass up.”

“We are always looking at innovative ways to share our wild world with a broader audience,” said Danielle. “Facebook now has 2.01 billion monthly active users, and with more than 50% of Australians logging onto Facebook on a daily basis, people’s viewing habits are changing, so the way we tell our Zoo story needs to change with them.”

“The five minute episodes are fast moving and jam- packed with adorable Perth zoo-borns. It provides a rare look into the animal kingdom as infant animals learn to explore the world around them. I am sure it will elicit plenty of oooohs and ahhhhs.”

“However, the series goes beyond the cute and gives an insight into the importance of zoo based breeding programs and our efforts to safeguard animals from extinction, which is what Perth Zoo is all about.”

“Some of the highlights of the series include a giraffe birth, endangered numbat babies so tiny they fit into the palm of your hand, and rare footage of African Painted Dog puppies in the birthing den. Then there is the hatching of one of Australia’s rarest reptiles, the Western Swamp Tortoise, tiny otter pups snuggled up in their nestbox and a tree kangaroo joey learning how to use his wobbly legs.”

“It’s thrilling to be able to share our work with a global audience,” said Danielle.

The first episode of ZooBorns Australia, Perth Zoo will be published on Wednesday 29 August, 2018. Episodes will be published weekly and can be watched by liking ZooBorns or Perth Zoo on Facebook.