The replacement of ageing water infrastructure will showcase an environmentally sustainable scheme at the Perth Zoo.

Environment Minister Bill Marmion said the zoo will receive an $11.9 million investment in the coming six years to deliver efficient, effective and innovative water management infrastructure.

“As well as direct and indirect cost savings, the project reaffirms the State Government’s desire to implement long-term, effective water sustainability policies,” Mr Marmion said.

“The integrated water management system takes a holistic look at water use across the zoo to improve infrastructure, reduce scheme water and groundwater use and recycle water.

“The zoo is looking to apply the latest technology and approaches for the best use of this precious natural resource.

“The project creates an opportunity to recognise Perth Zoo and the State Government as leaders in water management.”

The Minister said water was a vital part of the zoo’s operations for animals, visitors and the environment and it was important Perth Zoo, as a conservation organisation, was environmentally sustainable in its practices.

“Over the years, Perth Zoo has implemented water-saving measures and it is now taking steps using technology and innovation to further reduce water use,” he said.

“As this is an issue everyone faces, an important component of the project will provide opportunities for community education and awareness of environmental sustainability.

“More than 630,000 people visit Perth Zoo each year and this is an excellent way to educate the community on the importance of water conservation.”