Get your walking shoes on and make your way around the Zoo to catch our free Keeper Talks!

Take the guess work out of your next visit!

Our Keeper Talks are the best way for you to adventure through the Zoo!

These FREE talks run daily and introduce you to a bunch of different species. They are the top way to see your animal friends in action while learning from the people who know them best. 

Here's a few reasons we love Keeper Talks:

1. Catch the best animal views

Keeper Talks can sometimes coincide with a feed or some animal enrichment for you to watch. That means you'll get to enjoy the animals exhibiting their natural behaviours like foraging, swinging on branches, or swimming!

2. Ask all your burning questions

Our zoo keepers are experts when it comes to animal welfare and conservation. They love to share their knowledge and passion with visitors. After the talk, you'll have the chance to ask a question or two about your favourite furry friends. 

3. Learn how you can make a difference

Helping wildlife thrive might be simpler than you think! At the Keeper Talks, our passionate superheroes in green will arm you with a take-home tidbit that you can incorporate into your daily life to make a difference. 

Find the schedule of Keeper Talks on your map and online here.