Here at Perth Zoo we put animal welfare first, and that includes providing top-notch habitats. 

You may have noticed our Australian Wetlands habitat is currently closed. That’s because we’re giving it our annual scrub and polish to keep it in tip-top shape!

We’re home to 1500 animals, and as a Zoo and Aquarium Association welfare-accredited zoo, we do a whole lot of work to ensure every species has an environment that closely mimics what they’d have in the wild. 

Our Australian Wetlands provides the perfect home for a bunch of different bird species like Green Pygmy Geese, storks, brolgas and many more. It’s an immersive wetland habitat filled with nesting grounds, feeding sites, and places for birds to meet a mate. 

And while it has a built-in filtration system, it can still be tricky to remove debris from the bottom. Keeping it in pristine condition requires a bit of elbow grease!


That’s why our expert zookeepers perform annual maintenance to ensure the ecosystem remains a thriving haven for our resident feathered friends. 

They drain the entire lake, give it a scrub and then refill it with fresh water. We know it can be a little inconvenient during your visit, but it’s super important work.


With the cleaning underway, some of the birds get a short-term vacation in other aviaries, while others get access to temporary ponds to splash around in. 

A clean habitat is a happy habitat!