The ‘dad bod’ isn’t just for us humans. Lots of our primate dads have unique and interesting body parts that help them stand out from the crowd!

Sumatran Orangutan Dinar

We think Dinar is mighty handsome, and so would the female orangutans in the area!
As the dominant male in the territory, Dinar has big round facial pads known as flanges. These impressive fleshy pads help a male orangutan to attract a female mate when it’s time to breed. Flanges also help to amplify the long call, so listen out for Dinar calling loudly to his mates!

Ring-tailed Lemur Gimaro

This handsome prosimian’s fluffy fur makes him the perfect cuddle buddy for his mate Tiana. Bonded pairs are often found huddled together with their tails wrapped around each other, particularly when soaking up the sunshine.  

Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur Matsiro

With his wild acrobatic antics, Matsiro and his lemur buddies have long tails to help them balance as they bounce around!
As they live in a troop, lemurs will keep their iconic tails in the air when searching for food to keep track of each other and stick together.

Javan Gibbon Omar

Long, lean arms make for an expert brachiator! As an arboreal species spending most of the time up in the trees, light bodyweight and looong fingers and arms means this gibbon can navigate the treetops with ease.
Emperor Tamarin Javier

These special little primates like to co-parent, meaning this dad has got to be strong and agile while he carries the little ones around on his back.  In fact, Javier was the main carrier of his twins!
Cotton-top Tamarin Camilo

That lush hair-do does more than just make Camilo an absolute cutie.
The white mane can spike up when excited, or even help him to warn off danger by looking bigger and more intimidating.
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