Sekara, one of Perth Zoo’s resident orangutans is celebrating her 30th birthday with special treats, thanks to her keepers.

She was treated to a jelly ice block cake topped with some cooked oats (which was promptly stolen by her cheeky son, nine-year-old Sungai) and presents filled with other tasty treats, including dried figs, apples and carrots. 
Sekara was born at Perth Zoo. Her name means ‘flower’ in Malay. Sekara is tall and slender is considered one of the smartest orangutans in the colony. She loves to steal rakes and brooms from the keepers and trade them back for her favourite foods of pineapple and peanuts.
Most people do not realise how incredible Perth Zoo's orangutan program is. Perth Zoo is considered a world leader in orangutan breeding and conservation. The Zoo has bred 29 orangutans since 1970 as part of an Australasian breeding program, but our work for orangutans extends well beyond the Zoo borders. Thanks to Perth community donations, Perth Zoo helps rehabilitate orphaned and ex-pet orangutans in Sumatra before giving them a second shot at wild life in the protected Bukit Tigapuluh eco-system.