Perth Zoo’s orangutans were treated to a birthday bonanza to celebrate another trip around the sun for three of the primates. 

‘Pulang’ turned 28 last week, while the two youngest in the group ‘Sungai’ and ‘Lestari’ are hitting double digits and turning 10 on 30 December and 9 January. 

To celebrate, the trio enjoyed birthday gift boxes filled with some of their favourite fruit and vegetable treats. 

Perth Zoo Keeper Kelly Dunford said: “Our gorgeous orangutans are provided with enrichment every day, but it’s always extra special to put a birthday spin on it to celebrate – particularly when we’re partying for three!

“Today’s special birthday boxes are designed to be mentally stimulating and encourage them to use their natural foraging skills to discover the tasty birthday treats inside.

“Our youngest two are full of personality - Lestari is a very playful and curious girl and is quick to investigate anything new in her environment, while Sungai loves to spend time with his mum Sekara as she teaches him to use tools and make nests. 

“And while the two are fairly similar in size now, Sungai is starting mature and will eventually grow to be about twice Lestari’s size!”

Orangutans are intelligent animals and excellent problem solvers, so keepers incorporate varied and engaging enrichment into their daily routines to ensure no two days are the same. 

Perth Zoo is home to a group of eight orangutans, who act as ambassadors for their critically endangered cousins in the wild. 

All three birthday orangutans were born at Perth Zoo as part of the wider Australasian breeding program which works to safeguard the species from extinction. 

Since 1970, Perth Zoo has bred 29 orangutans and is a world leader in the species breeding and conservation efforts. 

Perth Zoo is open every day of the year from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  On New Year’s Eve and every Saturday in January it will stay open late until 7.30pm.