Who says three’s a crowd? 

Perth Zoo’s male lion Jelani is officially living with our pair of lionesses after introductions were a roaring success. 

Introducing big cats is no simple task, and careful planning was required to ensure the timing was just right. 

Our animal experts have worked hard behind-the-scenes since Jelani’s arrival late last year, monitoring all three animals for any behaviours that indicated they were ready for their meet and greet. 

Following successful meetings with a barrier of mesh between them, the trio progressed to being introduced one on one in their night quarters and are now living happily together in the African Savannah.  

You might notice a few scratches and feisty interactions within the group while the big cats get to know each other – this is normal lion behaviour as they test out the new social dynamic.  

Introducing Jelani to the females has proven to be an extremely enriching experience for all three lions. In the wild, related lionesses live with a dominant male. That’s why having Jelani join our sisters creates a purrfect new pride and increases positive well-being for all three big cats. 

If you're a lion-lover, you'll definitely want to see these incredible interactions for yourself! Race on in to visit our new pride.