Perth Zoo’s purr-fect pride tackled some ‘prey’ enrichment to celebrate World Lion Day!

To mark the important day, the three lions tore through the specially-made enrichment to discover delicious chicken and cream cheese morsels inside.

Lions are a firm favourite animal for many Zoo visitors and wildlife enthusiasts, but unfortunately populations in the wild are in strife. 

While Makeba, Uzuri and Jelani have a safe habitat with plenty of food and enrichment, World Lion Day is a good reminder that life in the wild is a lot tougher.  
Sitting at the top of the food chain, the mighty African Lion has no natural predators in the animal kingdom, yet populations are steadily declining.
The single biggest threat to these majestic big cats is human impact through habitat destruction, human wildlife conflict and illegal poaching.
Lion-lovers can help populations in the wild by avoiding unethical international tourism operators that offer photo or petting opportunities with lions and cubs.