Today, Perth Zoo's lioness sisters Makeba and Uzuri were treated to some roarsome birthday surprises!

To celebrate their birthday, the lionesses tucked into brithday enrichment - including a cardboard rhino and giraffe - to discover some tasty meat treats inside. 

Our dedicated keepers provide enrichment to animals each day to provide mental stimulation and encourage them to use their natural instincts.

For lions, this means using various scents and scattered materials throughout their habitat to encourage them to explore and exercise. 

Fact file:

  • Makeba and Uzuri act as important ambassador animals, helping to educate visitors on the plight of their wild cousins. 
  • The sisters arrived at Perth Zoo in 2018 as part of the coordinated program working to save the species from extinction. 
  • African Lions are found throughout central and southern Africa, but sadly there are less than 20,000 estimated remaining in the wild. 
  • Wild populations are reducing at an alarming rate due to human impact; the biggest threats facing lions are poaching, habitat loss and disease.