Nine laps around the sun for Makeba and Uzuri!

Our purrrfect lioness sisters, Makeba and Uzuri, have celebrated their ninth birthday!

To mark the day, our clever Docents created some special 'prey' enrichment for the pride to tackle, challenging their problem-solving skills and encouraging them to use their hunting instincts. 
Alongside male Jelani, the birthday big cats tore through the specially made enrichment boxes to discover delicious fresh chicken morsels inside.

Lions are a firm favourite animal for many Zoo visitors and wildlife enthusiasts, but unfortunately populations in the wild are in strife. 
Sitting at the top of the food chain, the mighty African Lion has no natural predators in the animal kingdom, yet populations are steadily declining.
The single biggest threat to these majestic big cats is human impact through habitat destruction, human wildlife conflict and illegal poaching.

Want to help? 

Lion-lovers can give our girls the best birthday present ever by symbolically adopting an African Lion!

A symbolic animal adoption helps us to provide the purrrfect care to look after the lions here at Perth Zoo, and helps protect species from Australia and all over the world. 

How roar-some is that? Find out more here.