On International Zoo Keeper Day and World Animal Day, we wanted to share some special news with you. 
At 3:30am Saturday morning, ‘Ellie’ gave birth to a male giraffe calf.

As a first time mum, Ellie needs time and space to adjust to motherhood. She is naturally a nervous giraffe, so we need to take things extra slowly with her and her offspring.

For the time being they are bonding in the giraffe nursery, with Ellie getting used to her son and learning how to nurse him properly. As some human mums will know, this is not always easy, and Ellie has had some difficulties over the past two days allowing her son to feed. But he is strong, tall (over 180cm)  and our expert and dedicated team are continuing to support Mum, calf and the rest of the herd.

The new arrival is the second giraffe born at the Zoo in the last four weeks AND it is also the first time in our history we've had two giraffe calf at Perth Zoo at the same time!
That means double the cuteness and double the contribution to the regional breeding program.  
We will let everyone know when our latest long legged Perth Zoo family member is ready to see visitors.