Leap into World Lemur Day!

This World Lemur Day, we’re joining conservationists around the world to spread some lemur love!

Perth Zoo is home to two species of lemur, the Ring-tailed Lemur and the Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur.

Visitors are often greeted on arrival by the vocal Ruffed Lemurs living on the island. These curious critters are among some of the cutest but also loudest animals at the Zoo.

Their unique sounds can be heard throughout the grounds, as the group vocalise together to amplify calls!

To celebrate the day, keepers waded through the lake to treat the group to some delicious beans and fruits.

Lemurs are very acrobatic, so keepers get creative with enrichment to encourage their natural behaviours.

The tastiest treats were hung from special enrichment logs to encourage the lemurs to hang upside down as they snack!


Linking with lemur conservation

While our lemurs are provided with a sanctuary free from predators and with plenty of resources to share, life for their cousins in the wild is much tougher.

All lemurs are endemic to Madagascar, and sadly only 10% of their wild habitat still exists, meaning the pressures to survive are incredibly high.

Of the two species at Perth Zoo, Black-and-white Ruffed Lemurs are classified as Critically Endangered, while Ring-tailed Lemurs are Endangered.

Our conservation partner Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group (MFG) have been undertaking vital, long-term focused work within the Betampona Natural Reserve and Parc Ivoloina on Madagascar.

Perth Zoo has been supporting MFG since 2016 and we support MFG’s work in the protection of habitat, forest restoration and species conservation in Eastern Madagascar.

Betampona Natural Reserve is a 2,228 hectare forest which is isolated through extensive deforestation. Extensive research has been undertaken in this reserve for over 30 years with documenting the overall diversity of fauna and flora being a research objective of MFG.

Betampona Natural Reserve has three critically endangered primate species, one being the Black-and-white Ruffed Lemur. Betampona Natural Reserve is one of a handful of places in Madagascar that this species can still be found.

Through supporting Perth Zoo, you support MFG to continue this work and ensure that this forested area remains protected.

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