Spring is here! Get ready for endless sunny days (OK, we can’t promise that) and totally adorable baby animals (we can promise this!). From Koala joeys to otter-ly charming otter pups – your next trip to the Zoo will give you all the baby animal cuteness!

Keep your eyes peeled as you wander out yonder through the Australian Bushwalk for a seven-month-old Western Brush Wallaby joey poking its curious little head out of mum’s pouch to say hello. Or get a dose of some Koala-ity cuteness and turn your gaze upwards to spot six-month-old joey Mulu Mulu snuggling with his mum, Mia.  

But it’s not just our Aussie animal mates and their babies that will have you saying awww. 

Head up north to the Asian Rainforest precinct and get a glimpse of the otter pups having their daily swimming lesson with mum and dad or relax by the main lake and watch Asta, the Javan Gibbon baby, as he swings from branch to branch with mum.

Now’s the time to visit and spring into Spring!