It was World Giraffe Day on Monday 21 June 2021! A day to not only celebrate these majestic African creatures but to also highlight a very real threat this species is silently facing – extinction.

Giraffe were once a common sight on the plains of the African savannah, but sadly, they’re facing a real threat to their survival. Giraffe populations have experienced a 40% population decline in the last 30 years due to habitat loss, poaching and civil unrest - with many calling the significant loss a ‘silent extinction’.

But there is hope. Zoos and conservation agencies around the world are working hard to ensure these majestic creatures remain on our planet for future generations.

At Perth Zoo, we’re proud to be part of a regional breeding program to help establish giraffe populations in zoos across Australia and New Zealand to help fight extinction. Since 1995, 10 giraffe have been born at Perth Zoo, and with our two females Kitoto and Ellie both pregnant, we’re excitedly expecting two more tall bundles of joy around September this year!

What helps make the breeding programs a success is what goes on behind-the-scenes - matchmaking. That’s right! We’re experts in the matchmaking department and work with zoos around Australia and New Zealand to help giraffe find love (yeah, you can add cupid to the list of our Zoo keeper skills!). Our latest success in the romance department is with our young male Inkosi, who is now training for his big move to Monarto Safari Park where he’ll woo the giraffe females in South Australia to share his genetics and contribute to the survival of his species.

Those wanting to help save giraffes and other wildlife are encouraged to consider a Zoo adoption package. Funds help us care for the animals and also contribute to wildlife conservation! Become a wildlife adoptive parent today, click here.