Commenting on Perth Zoo's animal care and welfare standards, the Executive Director of the Australasian Zoo and Aquarium Association, Chris Hibbard said:

"On a global scale Perth Zoo is a major contributor to conservation programs, particularly in Western Australia and SE Asia. They are hugely effective in supporting conservation of local native species, with long-term successful breed-for-release programs for various species including Numbats and Dibblers. They also provide direct and in-kind support to saving threatened species including the Orang-utan and Sumatran Elephants in Indonesia. Funds that Perth Zoo generates from its educational visitor engagement activities, including the Exercise for Elephants program, enables them to support conservation of threatened species on a global scale.

Perth Zoo has also recently partnered with TRAFFIC SE Asia, the largest NGO committed to combatting the catastrophic illegal wildlife trade. Funding from Perth Zoo has made a significant contribution to the establishment of a Wildlife Crime Data Analyst to be established in TRAFFIC's headquarters in Malaysia and is proving to be critical in informing authorities in combating illegal trade. This vital work is made possible through Perth Zoo ensuring that their elephants and other threatened animals fill positive ambassador roles on behalf of their species.

Modern zoos are all about connecting people with wildlife, and with their help, facilitating positive impacts to animals in the wild. Perth Zoo's engagement activities are an excellent example of this positive impact in action."