For two decades Perth Zoo and Tronox have partnered to inspire and educate thousands of young Australians, connecting them to awe-inspiring wildlife experiences and fostering a love of the natural world in the next generation of conservationists.

The successful partnership began in 2004 with the national-citizen science project Night Stalk. This initiative saw community members of all ages cataloguing flora and fauna by torchlight, including threatened species such as the Northern Quoll and Southern Brown Bandicoot.

Night Stalk was not only a successful community awareness program which connected 136,400 participants with local wildlife, but collated results were also made available for wider conservation agency use.

Following the success of Night Stalk, in 2015 the Tronox and Perth Zoo collaboration evolved to equip a new generation of conservationists with the skills they need to help save wildlife through STEAM initiatives – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.


The current Tronox STEAM Education Program provides students from across Western Australia the opportunity to visit the Zoo to learn about environmental sustainability, animal science and biodiversity.

The program encourages students to pursue further learning or careers in STEAM fields. More than 900 Zoo education placements are offered each year, providing WA students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to join the journey of conservation.

A popular example of this program is ‘Danger Games’. This curriculum for students aged 12 to 15 explores threats to native wildlife. Students use research and critical thinking to predict how species might use their “special talents” to adapt to challenges and develop solutions to protect the species.

Perth Zoo Discovery and Learning Manager Joselyn Juraszek said “Perth Zoo is a unique learning environment where students dive into animal biology, biodiversity and conservation, learning about the animals in their own backyard, and getting up close with creatures they have only ever seen in textbooks. We hope these experiences will spark a long-lasting love of the natural world,”

“Research has shown that people exposed to nature at a young age grow up more likely to appreciate it and champion conservation. That’s where experiences like the STEAM program are incredibly valuable.

“Students experience a range of cutting-edge technology used to care for our animals, including in our wildlife hospital, and we use empathetic play and craft to engage young people, as the arts are powerful tools for raising awareness and inspiring change around the world.”

Tronox and Perth Zoo are proud to work together with a shared commitment towards community, education, protecting habitats and respecting wildlife.

The STEAM Education Program bridges the gap between WA communities and the Zoo due to distance or financial barriers. We are grateful to be witness to the number of students and schools the program has been able to support over the last 9 years.

The partnership with Tronox also enables the Zoo’s broader work to save wildlife, both within its gates, across the West Australian community, and internationally.

This important STEAM-powered partnership is inspiring the next generation to take action toward a world where wildlife and humanity thrive together. As we look back on the last 20 years of progress made possible by this partnership, we are excited to see what the future holds.

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