Did you know we help employ panda protectors in Nepal!

Here at Perth Zoo, we provide safe habitat for four beautiful ambassador Red Pandas. You might spot them lazing up high in their tall fig trees or munching on delicious fresh bamboo shoots. 

But sadly, life for their cousins in the wild is not so sweet. 

With less than 2,500 adult Red Pandas estimated in the wild, the species faces the very real possibility of extinction within your lifetime. 

With your help, Perth Zoo provides financial support to the Red Panda Network (RPN) – an organisation that carries out vital field work in Nepal. 

Through this partnership, we donate $5000 annually to the RPN’s Forest Guardians Program. 

This crucial program empowers local farmers and villagers to protect Red Pandas in the wild. Eighty-one Forest Guardians monitor more than 1,270km of Red Panda habitat in eastern and western Nepal. 

This monitoring activity provides crucial insight into the wild populations and the impacts of natural threats, as well as the impact of human activity through deforestation, snares and conventional livestock grazing.

Back on home soil, Perth Zoo is also part of the coordinated regional breeding program working to safeguard the species from extinction. 

Since 1997, we have successfully brought 19 Nepalese Red Pandas into the world, and currently provide a safe home to four ambassador Red Pandas who help raise awareness for their species. 


  • Red Pandas have a false thumb on each paw which helps it hold bamboo stems and leaves
  • They communicate through a series of short whistles and squeaks
  • A Red Panda’s tail can be between 18-50cm long
  • It’s paws are completely covered in fur- even the paw pads underneath!