We’re spilling the secrets on one of the most secretive species, the Western Ground Parrot!

These critically endangered birds, also known as Kyloring, are an elusive species, but there’s plenty that makes them super special.
For World Parrot Day, let us share a few of our favourite facts to show you what makes this rare bird so remarkable.

Top secret
Western Ground Parrots are true masters of secrecy. To stay undetected, these birds stay super quiet and use their excellent camouflage skills – they’re nearly impossible to detect!

Stealth flight
Despite the name, the Western Ground Parrot can fly. Though they mostly prefer to do so in the cover of near darkness! They choose to spread their wings to fly between feeding and roosting areas in the twilight hours before sunrise and after sunset when visibility is very low and they can remain undetected.

Communication is key
When Kyloring want to communicate, they’ve got some remarkable calls! The males sometimes sound like a frog croaking, which scientists suspect allows them to communicate with other parrots very discreetly.

On the brink
These beautiful native birds are critically endangered with less than 150 estimated left in the wild.
And while the Kyloring thrives in secrecy, we’re working hard to turn things around so they don’t disappear forever!
Everyday behind the scenes, our dedicated animal carers are working hard on research projects to better understand this mysterious bird and unlock more of their secrets.
Perth Zoo collaborates with Parks and Wildlife Service WA, who coordinate the conservation and recovery of Kyloring with support from the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot, South Coast NRM, the Commonwealth Government and Birdlife Australis to make the future brighter for Western Ground Parrots.

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Together we can discover the top secrets that can help save Kyloring the Western Ground Parrot from extinction!