Our Vet Department see all kinds of creatures through their door, scaly, feathery and furry, but it is hard to find patients sweeter than baby Sugar Glider twins!

The four-month-old joeys were born in late July to mum, Mimi and dad, Kalamata, in the Zoo’s Nocturnal House.

They just had their very first vet check and we’re excited to announce we have one boy and one girl glider! Both are in good health and weighing around 60 grams, that’s just over the size of one tennis ball. An adult male Sugar Glider can reach up to 118 grams, so there is still a bit of growing to do.

Thanks to a membrane extending from their fore to hind legs, Sugar Gliders are able to glide up to fifty metres from tree to tree! Their long and bushy tails are used like rudders, helping them steer and balance.

It’s pretty easy to guess how these furry marsupials got their name, along with their ability to glide long distances, they also love eating very sweet things. Their diet in the wild includes tree sap, nectar, pollen and invertebrates (hmm maybe not so sweet). 

They are found around the north and coastal areas of Australia, favouring areas where tree hollows are abundant, providing them with a food source and shelter. They will spend their days curled up in their nests, before coming out to forage and glide at night.

You can come and visit our family of Sugar Gliders in the Nocturnal House. Check out the video below for an up close look of the joeys at their vet check.