Here’s five must-know facts about this feisty feline!

Water-loving cat
Unlike other cats, tigers like to swim! Sumatran Tigers have partial webbing between their toes which means they can be quite fast in the water.
They’ll often use this to their advantage by chasing hoofed prey into the water to catch them more easily.

Smallest tiger
Weighing between 85-110kg, Sumatran Tigers are the smallest of the tiger subspecies. Their daintier stature means they can move forest more quickly than other tigers. 

Expert hiders
Tigers get a kick out of stalking prey and watching them without being seen, and Sumatran Tiger’s have epic camouflage skills.
Their thin stripes make it hard for us to spot them through tall bamboo, and the orange coats are designed to disappear in the golden light streaking down through the treetops.

Solitary animals
A lonely tiger is a happy tiger. As a solitary species, tigers like to live alone and will only come together to breed. A male will control a territory with a few females but will scent spray to make his mark and warn other males off.

Brink of extinction
Sadly, it’s estimated there are less than 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild.
Tiger farms and illegal poaching for their skin, bones, teeth and nails has played a significant role in in their population decline, despite no scientific evidence confirming it’s efficiency.  
But good zoos around the world are helping them claw back from extinction, and you can help us turn the tables for tigers!
Through partnerships with Frankfurt Zoological Society and international wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC, we are contributing to a better understanding of the species and the threats they face from organised crime in Sumatra. 

Since 2006, Zoo visitors have helped raise money to protect tigers in the wild through funding anti-poaching patrols in Sumatra. 

The Zoo also supports a crime analyst position for TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network which strategically fights wildlife crime and gains intelligence on the sale of big cat body parts on the black market. 
You can help this important field work continue by donating to Perth Zoo