Attention, art teachers! Prepare for an artistic journey that will empower your students and set their passion for wildlife conservation ablaze.

Get ready to immerse yourselves in the captivating Wild About Babies exhibition at Perth Zoo, featuring 21 awe-inspiring bronze sculptures by the talented duo Gillie and Marc. This immersive experience serves as a potent catalyst, engaging students with art while nurturing empathy and understanding for endangered species and the urgent need to protect their habitats.

Embark on an excursion to Perth Zoo where you can see these sculptures firsthand and get ready to unlock your students’ creative potential with a range of exhilarating activities.

You can also join the Wild Art Trail on the Play Trails app to discover wild art around Perth.

Step into Action

Students imagine themselves as wildlife conservationists, translating their passion into art. Encourage them to create a sculpture or drawing that captures the essence of an endangered species and conveys the urgency of protecting its habitat. By evoking empathy and showcasing the unique characteristics of these vulnerable creatures, their artwork can become a catalyst for raising awareness and inspiring action.

Capturing Essence and Emotion

Students are invited to choose a sculpture from the exhibition that resonates with them. They are encouraged to let the essence of the sculpture flow through their brush, capturing its emotions on canvas. Vibrant colours, textures, and patterns are utilised to convey the powerful message of wildlife conservation. Through their artistic interpretation, they communicate the importance of preserving these remarkable creatures for future generations.

Embrace Depth and Dimension

The realm of mixed media awaits students’ creative exploration. By combining sculpture and painting techniques, students use found objects, recycled materials, or natural elements to construct three-dimensional representations of endangered animals. The symbolic power of different materials is harnessed to represent the threats faced by the species and underscore the significance of conservation. The resulting artwork provokes thought and captivates viewers, compelling them to join the cause.

Abstract Inspirations

Encouraging imaginative freedom, students are invited to break free from realism and embrace abstraction. Selecting an endangered animal from the exhibition, they create abstract artworks that capture its essence, form, and movement. Shapes, lines, and colours are skilfully employed to convey the energy and spirit of the animal, evoking a profound emotional response. These artworks convey a powerful message about the animal's plight and the critical need for conservation.

Raising Awareness

Going beyond the exhibition, students expand their horizons by researching an endangered species not represented in Wild About Babies. They then create artworks that raise awareness about the challenges facing this species. By incorporating symbols, text, or visual metaphors, they effectively convey their message. These artworks serve as potent tools for educating and inspiring others, urging them to join the global movement for wildlife conservation.

Mural of Hope

Collaborative unity takes centre stage as students work together to create a vibrant mural celebrating the beauty and diversity of endangered animals. Each student selects a different animal to represent in their section of the mural. Through collective effort, they ensure that the mural tells a cohesive story, inspiring viewers to take action. The mural stands as a beacon of hope, encouraging all who see it to become advocates for preserving our planet's incredible biodiversity.

Art Imitating Life

A visit to Perth Zoo allows students to observe living endangered animals, sketching their physical characteristics, behaviour, and interactions with the environment. Discussions ensue on how art can effectively capture the essence of these animals and raise awareness about their conservation needs.

Put on a Show

Students organise a class exhibition to showcase their artwork created in response to the prompts. Inviting parents, teachers, and fellow students to view the exhibition sparks discussions about the messages conveyed through the artwork.

On Reflection

Students are encouraged to write reflective artist statements for each artwork, explaining their thought process, inspiration, and the message behind their creation. This exercise allows them to articulate their thoughts on conservation and the role of art in advocating for change.

Group Discussion

Engaging in a lively group discussion, students explore the transformative power of art to ignite passion and inspire action. They share personal experiences and insights related to Wild About Babies, discussing how art can influence attitudes and behaviours towards wildlife conservation.

Wild About Babies at Perth Zoo presents an opportunity for teachers and students to explore the intersection of art and wildlife conservation. Immerse yourselves in these prompts, embracing the wonders of the exhibition, and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting our planet's endangered species.

Let your creativity soar and become a catalyst for change as you express your passion for wildlife conservation through art. Join us at Perth Zoo, where inspiration meets action in safeguarding our planet's invaluable biodiversity.