Christmas arrived a week early for Perth Zoo’s elephants, Galapagos Tortoise and lemurs who woke to find festive treats throughout their exhibits.

The Zoo’s two biggest residents, female Asian Elephants ‘Tricia’ and ‘Permai’ were delighted to find giant Christmas presents awaiting their arrival. They spent a short time investigating the specially created pachyderm packages before devouring the treats that their dedicated Zoo Keepers had placed inside.

A festive spring was also put into the step of the slow moving Galapagos Tortoises’ ‘Cerro’ and ‘Sierra’ when they discovered a mouthwatering breakfast of Christmas tree shaped watermelon slices.

A secret Santa also visited the Ring-tailed Lemurs leaving Christmas-wrapped boxes filled with bananas, figs and nuts.

Perth Zoo’s Primate Supervisor, Holly Thompson, said: “For our Ring-tail Lemur family it is a double celebration. We’ve recently welcomed a baby lemur into the group who turns two months old today.”

“These activities are great for family bonding and to see the development of the infant as it begins to explore the big wide world.”

Zoo spokesperson, Danielle Henry, said: “The activities we did today for the animals is all part of our behavioural enrichment program which means no two days are ever the same and ensures our animals are mentally and physically healthy.”

“Although Christmas comes but once a year, we do enrichment activities all year round which enables us to showcase the remarkable natural abilities of the animals.”

“We are constantly creating new challenges for the animals. This includes hiding food so that the animals have to forage and work for their meals, introducing special puzzles and even using different perfumes or scents in the exhibits.”

With just seven sleeps until Christmas, the animals and keepers at Perth Zoo will continue to spread the Christmas cheer, adding a festive touch to the daily enrichment activities.

Perth Zoo is open every day of the year from 9:00am – 5:00pm including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.