The 2019 theme for World Wildlife Day is 'Life below water: for people and planet’ to remind us all how critical marine (salt water) ecosystems are to our life on land.

The United Nations recognizes the importance of our global biodiversity through World Wildlife Day on March 3rd.

So what exactly do oceans do for us here on terra firma?


Info-graphic on oceans

And, of course, oceans provide a home for some of the most extraordinary species on Earth. According to the World Wildlife Day website our oceans house nearly 200,000 identified species, but accounting for the undiscovered, the actual numbers could reach the millions!

Behind-the-scenes, Perth Zoo’s vets have provided emergency or rehabilitative veterinary care for four different sea turtle species, marine birds like cormorants, osprey, petrel and albatross, as well as wild penguins of the fairy, Fjordland, and Rockhopper variety. Even the occasional sea snake!

It’s all part of the job description at Perth Zoo’s veterinary hospital.

So, this March 3rd, go visit your favourite stretch of ocean, sink in up to your knees and thank it for everything it does for us land-lubbers.

If you want to help protect our marine life find ways to reduce your plastic use, always dispose of your rubbish and recycling responsibly. 


Nikki Beynon - TTI Coordinator at Perth Zoo