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Bull Elephant Eye to Eye

Meet our golden prince.

Head behind-the-scenes with a keeper who works with the elephants every day and check out the specialist skills you need for managing one of the most powerful animals in the Zoo – a bull elephant.

Putra Mas means ‘Golden Prince’, only he’s not so little any more, tipping the scales at a whopping 4,700 kg.

Keepers work with him at a safe distance every single day to make sure that his mind and body is happy and healthy. They know him the best and understand what a smart, obliging animal he is...when he wants to be! Watch our keepers put Putra Mas through his paces and discover what it is about him that makes him a keeper favourite.

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Maximum group size
5 people
Minimum age
12 years
Entry Fee
Not Included
35 minutes
All children aged 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder (18+).