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Bush Buddies Eye to Eye

Introduce your family…to our family!

Bush Buddies is the ideal close encounter for families of young children or for anyone packing as much into your visit as you can.

Go behind-the-scenes to see just how good Aussie animals are at hide and seek. But don’t worry, at feeding time they will be your best buddy.

Meet one of our scaly mates, check out a giant insect who’d rather be a leaf, amaze at the spikes on a sleepy echidna and potentially feed an adorable wallaby. This all-ages experience is super-affordable and timed to suit the short attention spans of younger children.

Special School Holiday Experience

Did you know that Yongka is Nyoongar for Kangaroo? Go behind-the-scenes, meet our Yongka and see just how good Aussie animals are at hide and seek. 

Monday - Saturday, 30 June - 14 July

Please note your enquiry does not guarantee your preferred booking date and time.

Maximum group size
12 people
Minimum age
0 years
Entry Fee
Not Included
15 minutes
Children aged under 12 must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder (16+). Children under two can attend this experience for free.