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Orangutan Eye to Eye

Once you’ve looked into an orangutan’s eyes, you’re connected forever.

When you head up onto the roof of the orangutan night-quarters with a zoo keeper you’ll have multiple sets of great ape eyes peering at you, because Perth Zoo is home to the largest orangutan colony in Australasia!

Chat one-on-one with their keepers to ask any questions you have about our critically endangered primate cousins and help deliver their daily enrichment activity.

On the way back down, check out the inner workings of the specialised, temperature-controlled night-quarters beneath your feet for a full understanding of how these beautiful animals spend their days and their nights.

Please note your enquiry does not guarantee your preferred booking date and time.

Maximum group size
6 people
Minimum age
8 years
Entry Fee
Not Included
25 minutes
All children aged under 16 must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder (18+)