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Scaly Mates Eye to Eye

You’ll never look at reptiles the same way again.

This concise but full animal encounter is designed for the short attention spans of younger kids.

Get (gently) hands-on with a python, find out why nature needs dragons, and see how much our slowest scaly mate just loves his greens!

You’ll accompany Zoo staff into the Zoo’s special ‘Discovery Yard’ to meet these reptiles – an area not normally open to the general public. So you’ll have it all to yourself…and your mates.

Special School Holiday Experience

Come on an adventure to find out just how special reptiles are, meet a Yooran (Nyoongar for Shingle-back Lizard) and investigate their amazing features.

Monday - Saturday, 30 June - 14 July

Please note your enquiry does not guarantee your preferred booking date and time.

Maximum group size
12 people
Minimum age
0 years
Entry Fee
Not Included
15 minutes
All children aged under 12 must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder (18+). Children under two can attend this experience for free.