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Get ready to channel your inner Charles Darwin as you investigate and apply specific understandings and skills of biology over the course of a day!


Biology Day encourages students to investigate and apply the specific understandings and skills of biology as they learn first-hand the conservation work of the Zoo and how biology plays a vital role in this.

Students will participate in a variety of workshops delivered by Zoo educators and zoologists as they visit the Zoo's Native Species Breeding Program to gain a greater understanding of the status of Western Australia's biodiversity, learn about current research, and discuss the challenges faced when trying to conserve biodiversity. 

Biology Day is running on 23 February  & 18 May.

Curriculum Links

  • Ecosystems and Biodiversity - Year 11 Biology ATAR Unit 1
  • Ecosystems and Eco-Issues - Year 12 General Biology Unit 4

Important Information

  • $20 per student
  • Biology Day educational experiences operate from 9:30am -2pm. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for sign in
  • ​Bookings are limited to 60 students each day
  • Enclosed footwear and weather appropriate clothing must be worn.

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