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As part of conservation efforts for these threatened native frog species, a breeding and research program was established at Perth Zoo.

How can you help Perth Zoo save Our Native Frogs?

With your support, Perth Zoo collects Orange-bellied Frog and White-bellied Frog egg nests from the wild and rears them in safety at Perth Zoo for 12 months. Once they’ve grown, they’re released back into the wild.

Egg nests are heavily preyed upon in the wild, so this protective rearing at the Zoo is an important step in providing the frogs with a head-start in life. The Zoo is also hoping to breed Orange-bellied Frogs and White-bellied Frogs – something that has never been done in captivity before.

You can find out more about Perth Zoo’s extensive work with native frogs here.

What Does My Donation Go Towards?

One hundred percent of your tax deductible donation helps protect wildlife as Perth Zoo covers all administration costs. General donations to Perth Zoo help us in our goal towards saving wildlife including through our Native Species Breeding Program.

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