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Zoo Crew

Leave your little monkeys with us for the day!

If the thought of another round of school holidays is driving you wild, why don’t you leave your little monkeys with us for the day to join our Zoo Crew!

Zoo Crew is a Perth Zoo educational adventure day for kids aged 8-13 where they have the unique opportunity to learn about what's involved in caring for the Zoo's incredible animals.

Each Zoo Crew day has a different theme but all include opportunities to:

  • meet Zoo animals up-close
  • help keepers to care for Zoo animals
  • bravely adventure into special access areas
  • learn about ways to 'Save Wildlife' and why it's so important
  • explore the Asian Rainforest, African Savannah, Australian Bush and Amazonia all in one day
  • play zoo games and solve animal challenges.

Please note: specific animal encounters cannot be confirmed at times of booking as they are subject to change. 

Zoo Crew - Junior Keeper Themes

Global Keeper
Journey around the world in just one day to discover how we take care of the huge diversity of Zoo animals and find out how we are contributing to saving wildlife globally.

Creature Keeper 
Join us to learn about how we care for some of our most unique animals from the very big to the very small.

Planet Keeper 
Discover what’s involved in caring for some of our most endangered animals and learn what you can do to contribute to ‘saving wildlife’.

Carnivore Keeper
Find out how we look after some of our carnivores and cater for their special needs.

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Minimum Age
8 years
Maximum Age
13 years
Entry Fee
9:30am - 3:30pm
Do Your Part

Saving Wildlife doesn’t have to mean volunteering in a sanctuary or heading out on an anti-poaching patrol or auditing penguins on an ice-flow…or even running a zoo! There is no shortage of things you can do every single day from your living room, car or phone to help make a difference.

Animal Adoptions

Annual animal adoption is a fun and rewarding way to support Perth Zoo’s vital breeding and conservation programs, while creating a lifetime connection with your favourite species!