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Asian Elephant Project

The ecosystem at Bukit Tigapuluh is home to many endangered species including the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Elephant, Tapir and, since the release program began, orangutan.

How can you help Perth Zoo save Asian Elephants? 

In partnership with Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) Perth Zoo contributes to the establishment of wildlife patrols, education programs for local communities, elephant surveys and manages the impact of elephants on local farmers.

Elephant Conflict Mitigation Units

Elephant Conflict Mitigation Units work with villagers to develop solutions to keep elephants away from village areas. They use deterrents such as noise cannons, building elephant watchtowers and assisting locals to guard their fields.

In 2014 Perth Zoo staff visited Bukit Tigapuluh with the FZS team to review the wildlife protection program and in particular the elephant survey patrols. A tracking-collar replacement was undertaken in 2015 meaning we can continue to monitor and research this species into the future.

A dedicated team is tasked with monitoring and safeguarding the remaining Sumatran Elephant population in the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem. This team is successfully engaging local communities in the trial of a number of techniques to prevent elephants raiding community crops. This work is enabling both the human and elephant populations in the area to learn how to coexist.

What Does My Donation Go Towards?

100% of your tax deductible donation will help protect wildlife as Perth Zoo covers all donation administration costs.

$30 = two elephant scare cannons

$60 = 28 meters of electric fence

$120 = cover transport for two rangers on a 15 day safeguarding elephant patrol

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