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With almost 98% of their habitat already gone, the Javan Gibbon faces serious threat of extinction in the very near future. With your help, we can work to protect this endangered species. Fighting the illegal wildlife trade is essential to their survival.

Celebrating Past Successes

Between 2010 and 2014 Perth Zoo supported and partnered with the Silvery Gibbon Project to protect this species in the wild. Perth Zoo supported the Javan Gibbon Centre in the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, which cares for relinquished and rescued ex-pet Javan Gibbons.

At the centre, the gibbons receive ongoing care and rehabilitation with the eventual aim of reintroducing them to the wild. Donations also funded habitat surveys in the search for suitable patches of forest where gibbons can be released. Since then, one of the areas surveyed, the Pattiwel Forest, has become the site of the first reintroduction of Javan Gibbons into the wild.

Perth Zoo is one of only six institutions in the world successfully breeding Javan Gibbons. To further support gibbon conservation, Perth Zoo has taken a lead role in developing a global management conservation program to manage all Javan Gibbons around the world in zoos and rehabilitation centres as one mega population.

What Does My Donation Go Towards?

One hundred percent of your tax deductible donation will help protect wildlife as Perth Zoo covers all donation administration costs. Perth Zoo is currently supporting other projects such as helping combat the illegal wildlife trade by supporting TRAFFIC.

Learn more about Javan Gibbons here.

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