Welcome to Perth Zoo

Did you know we are the only Zoo in the world releasing zoo-born orangutans in to the wild? With your support, we can continue this important work and support programs on the ground in Sumatra.

How can you help Perth Zoo save Sumatran Orangutans?

Since 2006 Perth Zoo has supported and partnered with Frankfurt Zoological Society who manage the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem and reintroduction program. Working with Frankfurt Zoological Society, Australian Orangutan Project and the Indonesian Government, Perth Zoo is committed to the protection of wildlife and habitat in the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem.

Through the generous support of the public and staff expertise, Perth Zoo has been able to contribute to the release program and the establishment of wildlife patrols and education programs for local communities.

Over 160 ex-pet and orphaned orangutans have been released into Bukit Tigapuluh, including three Perth Zoo-born orangutans in 2006, 2011 and 2016 a world first for a zoo-born orangutan.

We support a Jungle School to teach ex-pet and orphaned Sumatran Orangutans the lessons they need for life in the wild.

These lessons include:

  • Find food and water
  • Stay in the trees where it’s safe
  • Know your neighbourhood (orientation)
  • Get along with other orangutans
  • Make a nest to sleep in

What Does My Donation Go Towards?

100% of your tax deductible donation will help protect wildlife as Perth Zoo covers all donation administration costs.

$30 = covers a pair of boots for an orangutan tracker

$130 = pays for one week orangutan training at ‘Jungle School’

$150 = covers food for an orangutan for one month

Learn more about Sumatran Orangutans here.


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